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Location St Joseph (Berrien Co), Michigan
Introduction I have been birding to some extent for most of my life though I have become much more obsessed with it over the last 10 years. I live with my wife, Ginger, and 2 daughters, Hazel and Hannah, here in St. Joseph, Michigan after spending 8 years in Ann Arbor, Michigan where Ginger and I met. The photographs prior to March 2010 are almost entirely digi-scoped with a hand-held Canon A620 Powershot in front of a 77mm Leica Apo-Televid (The Great Eye). Starting March '10 I used a Canon 40D with a 300mm F4 lens with a 1.4x converter. In December '12 I changed bodies to a 7D which I upgraded at the start of 2015 to take advantage of the extended low-light capability and improved auto-focus of the 7D Mark II. The original pics have over 10x as many pixels as displayed here, let me know if you're interested in any.