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Introduction Regarding the four pages Victims List:: How quickly the names and faces of victims of racial violence disappear, and for so many of the young victims we tend to forget they had such a long life to live, a contribution to make, a family to raise and a right to pursue life, have liberty and achieve happiness.
Interests I intend to specifically combat myths, legends, distortion of history and the invention of "facts" regarding American Blacks and Whites' co-existence under one political system. Therefore, I feel it is particularly important to make sure that those notable events or actions in American history regarding the two racial groups are accurately portrayed in writing. Example I: The phrase “equal rights”, when it is used to describe the motives of those who participated in the civil rights movement, is a misnomer. In other words, the movement had nothing to do with “equal” rights. It was rather entirely about one people (Blacks) DEMANDING something unprecedented in human history:: integration rights into the status environments of another male group (all the status environments in America were created by white Christian males). Yes, black males wanted in… They wanted into occupational titles their people did not create; into political arenas their few businesses did not support with their tax dollars; into residential communities their people did not build. Racial integration was not a constitutional right; nor did it have anything to do with human rights; and it was completely unprecedented in human history. Human nature, as demonstrated throughout human history, dictated that black males, being distinct from white males racially, were supposed to create their own status environments. Instead, they pleaded …and pleaded to get integration. White Christian males relented – in the federal legislature- and gifted the black race across-the-board integration rights under the Johnson presidency (1964 to 1968). White males have followed the rules regarding this absolutely ridiculous forced integration system (a system in total defiance to the wishes of the illustrious Founding Fathers)… since the very time it was implemented