About me

Location Iowa, United States
Introduction I'm taller than my husband when I wear shoes and he is barefoot (and he is 6'1"). I can say the alphabet backwards in 5 seconds. I LOVE cereal - I would eat it for every meal if my family didn't object. I am a francophile (j'adore la langue fran├žaise). I play the piano, and I love to teach; at one insane point I had 42 students. If I could do whatever I wanted 24 hours a day, I would read and blog. I love my family, and I don't think I show them often enough. I watch entirely too much tv. I eat chocolate every day.
Interests Watching tv with my husband while eating treats after the kids go to bed, Reading magazines when I'm not blogging, Teaching piano
Favorite Music Sarah McLachlan, Glee, Katy Perry, Christmas music