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Occupation Domestic Goddess
Location West Lawn, PA, United States
Interests Scrapbooking, Rubberstamping, Card Making, other paper crafting, reading, writing, camping, the paranormal, local history, researching my family tree
Favorite Movies Mostly horror, chick flicks and drama and some 80's classics.. some of my all time faves are Forrest Gump, Steel Magnolias, Scream (all three), Halloween (the original), Evan Brockovich, Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club, Home Alone and Home Alone 2..
Favorite Music Mostly country.. Kenny Chesney, Sugarland, Rascal Flatts...
Favorite Books WAAAAAY too many to name!! I have a list of some of the books I've read in the last year or so on my blog though..

Why does the taste of pennies remind you of losing a tooth?

Can't say I've tasted a penny recently and I don't intend to sample on. So.. I have no idea... lol..