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Industry Education
Occupation Consulting and Training
Location Lakewood, CO, United States
Introduction I'm 31 now, have autism, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, dyspraxia and a genius IQ; and communicate almost entirely via keyboards. I am former President of Autcom, on the Panel of Advisors on the Spectrum for the Autism Society of America; publisher and managing editor in chief and writer for "The Voices and Choices of Autism" and so on, and etc. I am also a university graduate with a dual degree in Sociology & Psychology with honors and awards; a consultant, an advocate, and a FABULOUS FRIEND! ;-)
Interests This would be far too long a list for such a small box.
Favorite Movies Many and varied.
Favorite Music Jazz, Oldies, New Age, Blues, classical, Native American, Third World, Banjo, Zydeco, Reggae, and more....
Favorite Books The one I'm writing.

Compose the lyrics to a new national anthem that features an animal sound at least once:

How many autistics does it take to screw in a lightbulb?