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Introduction I come from three generations of writers, my grandmother, my mother and now me. Growing up in Northern Minnesota in a family of nine gave me a chance to use my imagination. Around the table at night we would discuss everything from the latest book to world events and the events of each of our days. Our imaginations were needed to produce enough activity and to keep ourselves amused as well as to have a chance to speak at the table. We also had a variety of pets, yes the usual ones cats and dogs. Yet there was once a baby bird that had fallen from it's nest that we kept as a pet for many years, a pet squirrel named Craigworth Dimpleton and various other critters that had short stays at our house. In order to care properly for these wild animals it was necessary to not just learn about their needs but, to learn about them. It gave me the ability to by studying and watching a sometimes uncanny insight into the mind of an animal. Like the Native Americans I too believe animals of all kinds have the ability to learn, feel and think. They have lives of their own and we are lucky if we are allowed to share their lives and learn each others ways.