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Location New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
Introduction I'm a bio-female anarchist androgyne who loves fashion, drag, literary theory, guerrilla poetry, gin, and comic books. I make a mean vegan pesto, and can wear pink the way most men wish they could.
Interests drag, drag kings, fashion, gender theory, diy, androgynes, music, letters, mix cds, guerrilla poetry, spray paint, books, comic books, anarchism, dancing, cooking, being David Bowie, writing, climbing trees in high heels, dressing up for no reason, thunderstorms
Favorite Music My holy trinity of music is: David Bowie, Gary Numan, and Depeche Mode (though, if there were room for a fourth, it'd be Nick Cave). I like a lot of music, ranging anywhere from baroque-pop to new wave, hard experimental industrial to ambient soundscapes, electroclash to good ol' rock and roll, synthpop to blues. I like a fierce dance beat, androids, the sound of metal and glass smashing, songs that feel like the encroaching apocalypse, acoustics, space-men, non-gospel songs that have a very clear gospel influence, and good lyrics. I've got a hard-on for synthesizers and androgynes who play them.
Favorite Books Let's just say I spend an inordinate amount of time in book stores, mostly split between the philosophy, cultural studies, science and physics, and graphic novel sections. I typically tend to enjoy the postmodern, the impressionistic, and the erotic, but that by no means is the extent of my literary love. Just so happens to be what I am drawn to most often.