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Location United Kingdom
Introduction I started this blog to publish my research findings into claims made by various 9/11 researchers, who claimed that all the United 175 videos are fake. This theory was used to explain the many anomalies captured in the United 175 videos, such as missing wings and impossible plane speed. My later research also led me to discover that the "video fakery" theory was being used as an on-going psychological operation cover story to discredit the United 175 video evidence, with the intention to conceal the use of secret 3D volumetric image projection technology. I am currently investigating what really happened to the “real” planes, as we have not been told the truth of what happened to them. My early research was featured on Rich-Planet TV. I also did research for the film - 9/11 Alchemy “Facing Reality”. My other research I have done is involving the Jo Cox murder case which was featured in Richard D. Hall’s 2019 film – The Jo Cox Departure. I have also appeared on many podcasts speaking about my research.
Interests 9/11, JFK Assassination, UFOs, Bigfoot & Paranormal
Favorite Movies The Men Who Killed Kennedy 1998 (Nigel Turner) & JFK 1991 (Oliver Stone).
Favorite Books JFK Absolute Proof By Robert Groden, Were Did The Towers Go? By Dr Judy Wood & 9/11 Finding The Truth By Andrew Johnson.