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Occupation I don't work, people work for me
Location Beacon Falls, CT
Introduction I am a pug, the number one pug. I live in a house on a hill. I have a staff of four. Two humans, they call themselves Mommy and Daddy. Then there are two other lesser pugs. Don't get me wrong I love them and all but would never demonstrate lower value by letting them know. There's Brigitte, she came along when I was about two. The Mom and Dad thought I'd like a friend. Plus her previous family didn't understand her, so I let her stay. Then there's the boy. They call him Sluggo, he calls me the cougar. He's almost three, he came as a puppy, his Mom was a rescue. He can be a real pain, but he's very handsome and adores me, so he stays. I run things around here, but I expend as little energy as possible doing so. I control things with my mind. I command respect, therefore I get it. That's why I am the number one pug.What I hope to do here on my blog, is share with you some insight into my fabulous life. Some content may amuse you, other content may inform you, all I ask is that you take the lesson from me to enjoy every minute of every day. It's worked out magnificently for me.
Interests Laying in my sunny sun, going bye bye in the car, visiting Grammy and Grampy, Pug Meetups, green beans, carrot bones, liver treats, finding the perfect spot on Mom or Dad's lap for laying in
Favorite Movies Milo & Otis, A Pug's Life The Documentary, Valentino- The Last Emperor
Favorite Books Anything in the Wilson the Pug series-The Tao of Piug, Letters to a Young Pug, Homer for the Holidays, The Ugly Pugling, Pug Mugs- Good Pugs Gone Bad, Clara- The Story of the Pug Who Ruled My Life, Pug Therapy- Finding Happiness One Pug at a Time