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Introduction AMADA was an organisation with revolutionary ambitions, based on dialectical materialist analyse. Most occurring opportunism was countered by internal struggle. The PVDA was communist party, who had the ambition to develop a revolutionary strategy and to counter opportunism. Certain opportunism, never was countered. Individuals entered AMADA and the PVDA never leaving their BOURGEOIS class-position, “covering” it with that opportunism. In 1995 a REVISIONIST line occurred BESIDE a REVOLUTIONARY line in the PVDA. The majority of the members and cadres maintained a revolutionary “ambition” of countering opportunism and revisionism but the knowledge of applying dialectical and historical materialism was weak. For anti-imperialist aspirations of some, RESIST (2004) was seen as a possibility for voters to give an anti-imperialist vote. For a part of the PVDA-leadership RESIST had to use the (thought generally spread) feelings AGAINST war, to win VOTES for parliamentary seats. The to-reformism-developed leadership, fired Nadine Rosa and Luk Vervaet with Marxist SOUNDING arguments. Now is proved that Nadine and Luk stayed on their anti-imperialist convictions and the PVDA is REFORMIST.