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Introduction I'm a long time biker that has owned many bikes of all styles. I have begun to gravitate toward bikes that that more closely match my desire for the freedom of back roads and the more rural parts of our world. My current bikes include the older Kawasaki Concours, a very competent and masculine bike. The Connie, as it is known, is like a good friend that enjoys a little too much coffee. It is always ready and willing to go somewhere. It doesn't matter where or when, but it wants to go and it wants to hurry up about it. There is also a cruiser that is at it's best clugging around the back roads. It begs to be ridden like a big old lawn chair on wheels. It is ready to take you through a slow ride so you can soak up the smells and sights of rural America. Finally, there is a 250 single cylinder bike that enjoys a ride anywhere but the highway. Then again highways are no fun for me either. This bike is a blast and it reminds me of why I started riding in the first place and it helps me see what we have lost, and gained, as todays bikes have become more and more specialized. All three are great bikes.