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Location Brisbane, QLD, Australia
Introduction "Don't blame God for taking me, Thank God for giving me to you" The mother of two beautiful girls, its been a hard road to get here. Lucy is the almost, but not quite three year old with a personality the size of a giant, and heart of empathy to match. She is sweet, loving, honest, fun, outgoing, friendly and most importantly - Mine. Ariana, our dear sweet baby, was born too soon, too small and too sick, and was called back to heaven to be with her true family after just four days in our lives. We grieve, love and miss our dear sweet angel, but our lives will be better for knowing and loving her. Everything that happens to me, to us, as a family is here. It's not all rainbows and sunshine, and though we're blessed, its heartache and tears as well. Life comes at you from every angle. Sometimes, you can jump out of the way and feel proud - other times, you just have to let it hit you, and then move on as best as you can.