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Introduction I first became ill in 2002 and at the time I didn`t know what was wrong with me. It felt like the worst flu ever but it didn`t go away.I was sent for lots of tests and by a process of elimination I was told in 2003 that I had chronic fatigue syndrome. Although it was a relief to have a name to my illness I knew nothing about it. So I read as much as I could in order to learn more. I soon discovered the original name was myalgic encephalomyelitis and I now prefer to use that name whenever possible. Chronic fatigue syndrome just sounds like I`m a bit tired and it`s so much more than that. Through my poems I have been able to express not only how I feel but others as well. My poems are a window on what it`s like to live with ME, how it affects and changes lives, the suffering with so many symptoms, the lack of understanding, the emotions and experiences that so many have in common.