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Occupation Worker at Rex Theatre//Counselor at KinderKamp (Schweitzer)
Location Moyie Springs, Idaho, United States
Introduction I am freshly graduated from high school, and waiting for the "official" graduation in June. My time is usually spent either writing a novel or a fanfiction, or stitching (or drawing, painting, dolling, etc.). Read some of my work on Fanfiction.net under the username Engraved-Angel. Thank you~
Interests Reading, Writing, Cross Stitch, ATVs, Fanfiction, Anime, Manga, Friends, Laughing, Fun
Favorite Movies Pirates of the Caribbean, The Last Unicorn, How to Train a Dragon
Favorite Music Dir en Grey, Muse, Kesha, Cascada, Eminem, Three Days Grace, Katy Perry, Christina Perri, Good Charlotte, Simple Plan, Sum 41
Favorite Books Waaayyyyyyyyy to many

If mud is dirt plus water, what is clay?

Clay is a natural forming mixture of aluminum silicates formed by fine grained substances. Ha! Shows the random things I know. >->