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Location Half Moon Bay, CA
Introduction I grew up in the small town of Half Moon Bay, California right next to the beach, artichokes, pumpkins and brussel sprouts – yum! Food has always been associated with adventure and growth for me. I’ve always read recipe books for fun (subsequently, my recipe book collection far outweighs any other texts in our house). I married my high school sweetheart, and we have a beautiful daughter together. He loves food – good food - just as much as I do, so the Loeffler-Little household is all about the yum yums. We have multiple food sensitivities in our house - dairy, gluten, soy and the nightshade family. My husband has Celiac disease so we take the non gluten thing extremely seriously and have worked on recipes and a style of living that is flavorful and fulfilling on this restricted diet for over 5 years now. He also developed secondary allergies (very common in celiacs) and must avoid brown rice, eggs, banana and lima beans. I have studied nutrition at Bauman College and take the concept of digestive wellness pretty seriously - it's a way of life in our house. I try not to be a jerk about it. I blog to keep myself on track with it - and hopefully inspire you!
Interests Cooking, eating, watching hockey, running, being with my lovely family