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Occupation marketing coordinator
Location Northampton, MA, United States
Interests books, music, writting, food, attempting to create art
Favorite Movies before sunrise, amelie, being there, dr, strangelove, harvey, royal tennenbaums and pretty much anything wes andersons made, se7en, it's a wonderful life, the holy grail, crouching tiger hidden dragon, lady hawk, princess bride, me you and everyone we know, the secretary, shawshank redemption, novacaine, any charlie kaufmann movie, brazil, 12 monkeys, 28 days later, breathless, any marx brothers movie, harold and maude, annie hall
Favorite Music bob dylan, lenord cohen, portishead, handsome boy modeling school, lovage, daniel johnston, postal service, elliott smith, bright eyes, azure ray, yeah yeah yeahs, the beatles, the cure, xtc, the pixies, david bowie, queen, tom waits, bell and sebastian, the magnetic fields, the decemberists, nick drake, nick cave, cat stevens, depeche mode, the smiths, the kinks, radiohead, lali puna, arcade fire, the ramones, morcheba, weezer, elysian fields, ani difranco, beck, carla bruni, dinosaur jr, stars, the shins, joy division, mogwai, bjork, neutral milk hotel, fionna apple, the album leaf, arab strap, stevie ray vaughn, marvin gay, elvis costello, gorillaz, joanna newsom, ponies in the surf, devendra banhart, james brown, the rolling stones, architecture in helsinki, animal collective, and a whole ton more
Favorite Books unbearable lightness of being, food revolution, diet for a small planet, harvest for hope, tropic of cancer, story of o, memoirs of a giesha, are you there god its me margret, naked, dry, the perks of being a wall flower, ash wednesday, how to talk dirty and influence people, the chronicles of narnia, harry potter series, beautiful loser, on the road, reading lolita in terran, the almond, lolita, geek love, youth in revolt, blindness, nine stories, welcome to the monkey house, choke, man without a country, pretty much what ever the last book i read will become my favorite, until i read the next one.