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Occupation Glorified Babysitter, Taxi Cab Driver, Maid, Short Order Cook and Child Psychologist.... along with being a Stay At Home Mom!
Location The Sticks, The Rest of NY, United States
Introduction Used to be a teacher... and an artist... was once a serious shopaholic... and a hoarder of shoes...But Now... I'm known as Mom... Want More? Check out my About Me Page If you like what you read here... share it with your friends.... please!
Interests People Watching, Thrift Shops, Home Renovation, Interior Decorating, Volunteerism, Shopping, My kids, PTA, Food and Wine, Family, Genealogy, My Dogs, Arts/Crafts, Education, Movies, Antiques, Shoes, Creating Never Ending Projects for My Wonderful Husband, Rants and Ramblings, Mindless Fluff
Favorite Movies Sad and overly sentimental movies that make you cry so hard you could puke... even though I don't have a single solitary sappy bone in my entire body. Sports flicks that motivate you and give you that feel good feeling at the end because the underdog won or someone just beat the tar out of another and you wish you could do it too. And absolutely nothing that makes you say- Why the hell is this guy such an idiot? I have enough of a chance in my daily life to be a full blown idiot on my own and really don't care to waste my time watching what really could happen to me on my own- like getting beyond trashed and waking up with a tattoo on my face the next morning hungover beyond all recognition. I mean, that could happen to anyone right? Why not live life vicariously? Like in beautiful Tuscany near a lush olive orchard in a large rustic house that you spend a lifetime pouring your heart and soul into renovating for a family you long to have one day. Or, you can imagine yourself playing the game of your lifetime after your coach has completely kicked your ass from hear to China until you puke up your intestines...all to help you grow as team and beat the shit out of the other guys... giving you that warm and fuzzy feeling at the end of the flick... That being said- Under the Tuscan Sun, Miracle, Gone With the Wind, Bridget Jones Diary, Bend it Like Beckham, Coach Carter, Sense and Sensibility, 13 Days, Joy Luck Club...
Favorite Music Anything I can sing to in the car. Keeping in mind two small children are back there and repeat everything put to music as if they were parrots- like brushing your teeth with a bottle of Jack or being so sexy you know it. So, a lot of though and planning have to go into the appropriate playlist....
Favorite Books Crap, seriously? I think I mentioned that my mind is full of fluff and ramblings. I have two kids that keep me in a car volunteering at school, driving back and forth to Brownies, Soccer, play dates.... if I can get through some sappy chic lit nonsense I really feel like I have accomplished something. Usually happens about twice a year- the list is neither extensive nor intriguing.

Why do they call it shipment when it goes by car and cargo when it goes by ship? Deep- I know....