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Introduction I love to write, I love helping people, and I completly support saving the world and giving people second chances. And, I fell no matter what anyone has done, they can ALWAYS be forgiven.
Interests I love writing and reporting. I love blogging and tweeting. I love playing the piano and guitar. I love reading. I love arguing but also making peace. I love my computer, cell, and ipod.
Favorite Movies Twilight!
Favorite Music Second Chance- Shinedown, Uncommon- Greg Long and Kristy Starling, Collide- Howie Day, I Dare You To Move- Switchfoot, I Don't Want To Be- Gavin Degraw, Waiting On The World To Change- John Mayer, Decode- Paramore, Miss Independent- NeYo, You Found Me- Kelly Clarkson, Shattered- O.A.R.
Favorite Books TWILIGHT Series, The View From Saturday, Inkheart Series, Out Of The Dust, etc.

Do you believe that forks are evolved from spoons?

Forks, lol. Okay, I don't believe forks are evolved from spoons. Mainly because Forks is a much more popular place in my mind (ha!). And, I think somebody was sick of all the rain, and when trying to scoop it up with a fork realized that forks didn't they made spoons. And then shovels...I think you know where I'm going with this...