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Introduction The old German saying, "langes Fädchen, faules Mädchen,” translates as "long thread, lazy girl." Meaning don't thread your needle with too long of a thread in order to avoid having to re-thread it often. I'm still all about taking shortcuts when I can, so her words echo in my head every time something goes wrong. It's a great guilt trip!

I'm a German hybrid who has been shocked to discover myself exhibiting more and more Germanic traits as I've gotten older. This should frighten you as much as it does me. I'm into all of the domestic arts: sewing, baking, and keeping the house perfectly orderly and spotless. Ok, that last one might not strictly be true but I am very much a homebody and enjoy the sort of activities that keep me at home. This includes general craftiness, reading, watching more TV and movies than is good for me, and extremely amateur photography. I also have a bizarre and inexplicable fascination with all things British.

Since I rely so much on the experiences of others from their blogs, I'm hoping to share some interesting and helpful tidbits about my own sewing/crafting adventures and baking experiments.
Interests Sewing, Baking, Crafting, Reading, Organizing, Good food, Photography, Yoga, Tennis, Traveling, Tony Blair