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Introduction Mama of 2 little boys, event planner and marketer in former life, lover of cooking, baking and planning, try-er of crafting & sewing. I'm not sure what this blog will become. There are lots of interesting and insightful blogs out there that I adore and that move me, but I think I'll leave that to the experts. For now, I think this will be a happy little light hearted place where I can have a creative outlet and share bits and pieces. I shall try to leave the negativity & cynicism at the door! I love blogs and although I don't have many (or any!) original ideas, I promise I will always site and link to the wonderful person who has inspired me for all of my little crafty or cooking pieces. I am all about the trying. It's something I draw on regularly when my boys get frustrated. I encourage them to try, try again. My mother would say that throughout the years I have taken this metaphor too far and that I NEVER take no for an answer. So, it's definitely a strength and a weakness, but it's me. I'm messy, I cut corners, I fall over but I try and I'm enthusiastic about things!!! (And I use too many exclamation marks!!!)