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Location Chicago, Illinois, United States
Introduction Sapphire, Is a Girl who loves horses. Meet her and she will be garanteed the most horse loving girl ever. Is Obssesed with The CCA Books and Loves the color pink. This is a girl who is mostly Bubbly at times but can sometimes get moody. Loves McDonald's and Portillo's. Has a ton of friends and has a twitter, facebook, Tumblr, 3 Websites, Howrse, and more. Loves the breed thoroughbred but doesnt seem to like ponies. Loves Sparkles, Glitter, Horses, Ke$ha, Pink, Cheer, and Bubbles. is a current Blogger, And fashion designer (For my Breyer Horses) If I was in a movie I'd be an unknown girl who seems mean on the outside but is loving and fun on the inside. if I was in a book Then I'd be the girl that is popular, a fashonista, and is fun to be around. I would rather eat a big mac than eat a soggy taco from Taco Bell. I would prefer fuzzy over rough. I would like warmth, not cold. I choose pink over black.