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Industry Communications or Media
Occupation Journalist/medical
Location Cleveland, OH, United States
Introduction Well, I'm an Aquarian and therefore a natural freethinker-or maybe it's genetic. Don't know, doesn't matter. I'm eccentric in some ways, and sort of a dichotomy in others; while I am very professional and determined in my work, on weekends I will make say, homemade catsup. I don't know, I'm just how I am.
Interests Not in order of importance: Travel, environmental issues and causes, animal rights, politics, poetry and literature, the arts-theater/music/museum-going, French Impressionism particularly, FOOD, COOKING, HEALTHY FOOD, ETHNIC FOOD, EXOCTIC CUISINE, wine-particularly bordeaux (because that's what I know well enough to buy), outdoor activities, anything involving being near or on the ocean or Lake Erie too, Buddhism, human rights, New Age philosophy, Eastern philosophy, philosophy of all types, PHYSICS-particularly theoretical physics, pets-I have the feline type, keeping aquariums, PEOPLE-I am very interested in people-I like them very much, alternative medicine, solving the socioeconomic divide, volunteerism, writing, the state of public education, children in general as they are the future of the planet, LEARNING MORE.....basically, too many interests-not enough lifetime.
Favorite Movies Hmmm. I am not one of those people who buy one so I can watch it over and over. I would never do that. I see it once, cool. And that's it. Very few "favorites" and while I can name some that had a particular impact on me for various reasons (Wizard of Oz, Gone With the Wind, Jaws, The Exorcist, Planes, Trains and Automobiles, The Money Pit...None of them are really favorites-I watched them once I liked them along with many others.
Favorite Music I can listen to hours of classical, classic rock (late 60's to 90's), big band, swing, classic or modern blues, jazz, Gregorian chant, and folk music-partcularly Celtic folk, at a time. I can only listen to country, rap, hip hop, techno, current pop, and teenybop in very small batches at a time.
Favorite Books Uh, how much space to I have here? Ok, a few: Of Human Bondage, Tale of Two Cities, Watership Down, Satanic Verses, Midnight's Children, Grimus (gosh can you tell I'm a Rushdie fan?), the whole Winnie the Pooh series-I think 6 volumes?, Anything Camus, Anything, Molliere, Anything Kafka-I just love Kafka, A Child's Garden of Verses (Every toddler should have this), Cat and Mouse, The Figeater, A Brief History of Time, London, The Inheritors, The Life of Pi, The Vedas (particularly the Upanishads and the Bhagavad Gita), As You Like It (technically a play and I prefer the contemporary performances of it), 100 Days to Sunday, Letters to a Young Poet, The Little Engine that Could, Start Where You Are, A Prayer for Owen Meaney...this is what pops to the top of my head, if you give me 10 minutes to go look at my shelves I will be typing here forever!

Am I normal, or are you unique?