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Gender MALE
Occupation Engineer
Location SD County, CA
Interests Family and Church fellowship. Freedom loving, Pro-life, pro-RKBA 2nd Amendment, gun toting, WESCOG, ammo reloading, serial remodeler, surfer, mechanic, Printed Wiring Board geek, Postural Therapist/Egoscue Affiliate.
Favorite Movies Strange Brew, Braveheart, LORT, Empire Strikes Back, White Xmas
Favorite Music Big Band Swing, Western Swing, Classical, Gershwin, Berlin, Cohan, Love Song, Rez, Boston, Queen, Beatles, selected Aerosmith
Favorite Books Bible, The Sea Wolf, Gates of Fire

When you hesitate before hitting snooze on your alarm clock, are you being lazy?

Reinvade Panama with the 82nd Airborne while playing Metallica from orbiting C-130's. Evict Cosco and put the "Zone" back under US Military control