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Location Vadodara, Gujraat, India
Introduction We are a small team of Engineers, Physicist and technicians focused on making Water Fuel Technology - A Reality... This technology has been around for several years, but was confined to a few researchers due to threat of vested interests and a lack of public awareness. As internet connects more and more people across the globe and with paradigm shift in business practices, technological achievements are breaking free from confinements. HHO (also called Hydroxy, Water fuel, OxyHydrogen and Brown Gas) is one such technology to help mankind with its energy requirements while reducing the harmful emissions. HHO technology when mastered fully, promises to replace fossil fuel from your Car and truck and all the ICE applications. However, presently we can aim to reduce the consumption of fossil fuel upto 20-50%. Lets join hands to make this world a better place to live for all... We look forward to working closely with you.