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Gender MALE
Industry Banking
Occupation Pricing Analyst
Location Temecula, California, United States
Introduction I'm just a normal guy who was trying for medical school and ended up in finance. I'm not quite sure how I got here, but there aren't alot of hippie tree-huggers in finance, so I might stick around for a while. Other than that I'm spending time with my wife and dog, working out at the gym, sports (baseball mostly, but I'll settle for basketball and football), reading, music, and more. In the end, my free time isn't very free, so I'll probably do most of my posting from work. Hopefully they think all that typing is me actually working.
Interests Sports, politics, music, beer, movies, family, friends, beer, fantasy sports, and lastly beer.
Favorite Movies Godfather, Star Wars (they call me the wookie), Usual Suspects, M. Night Shyalmalan's films, Adam Sandler's stuff, The Girl Next Door (a new fave), Maltese Falcon, and many more...
Favorite Music Dave Matthews, lots of alternative/indy punk stuff, and I've gotten into Celtic rock (good beer drinking music)
Favorite Books Books by Dennis Prager, Hugh Hewitt, Harold Kushner, Victor Davis Hanson, Michael Ledeen, Ann Coulter, Harry Potter (everyone likes Harry Potter), Tom Clancy, Dan Brown, WEB Griffin, Christopher Moore, and others

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