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Introduction ▲⟁▲⟁▲⟁▲⟁▲⟁▲ a blog by artist.maker of stuff.rambler.warrior.wanderer.photographer.sea dweller.jungle child.gypsy-pirate ,Millie Fairhall. A journal of photography, words, film, art, music, surf,frames of life and other inspirations. ⟁ Copyright © 2012. Millie Fairhall. All Rights Reserved.⟁⟁⟁ If you would like to use any of my photos/words for something, please just ask, or at the very least provide photo/word credit & a link.Don't be a jerkface jellyfish. ⟁⟁⟁ I am available for freelance design/art/photography etc. so if you've got any queries please don't hesitate to shoot me off an email ⟁⟁ ⟁⟁