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Introduction I have been targeted for gangstalking, or have at least been subjected to applied gangstalking techniques and surveillance for several years. I only recognized my collection of experiences as being attributed to gangstalking after doing research a few years ago. Predatory gangstalking is a true story happening to and suffered by many innocent people around the world. Gangstalking is organized stalking by more than one person, where normal looking people 'gang together' against an innocent person for mutual benefit, using relentless harassment tactics. All cases of this underground crime are highly psychologically destructive for the individual target, and it is difficult to get any solid evidence. The perpetrators wish that their activities are not known by the wider public. With this insight, I believe Michael Jackson was also targeted for this covert activity, the gangstalking being just the tip of the iceberg yet also playing a central role, in the enormous, high-profile and multi-faceted campaign leveled against him. Rest in peace Michael, and all other targets' who have been murdered. [I have referenced some interesting websites here. Image is from www.michaeljackson.com]