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Introduction I'm a twimom among many other titles and was repeatedly told to read Fifty Shades of Grey because I'm such a Twifan/ Twihard. I read the first book and was shocked at how so much of Stephenie Meyer's Twilight was stolen, twisted and published as an origianl work. As I began to research if others saw the same issue I found, I became outraged that the general public is under some illusion that Fifty Shades of Grey is somehow an original work that has "little or nothing to do with Twilight." I've spoken with a few friends about it and felt a strong need to put together a clear example of 50 intances where James committed plagiarism in her fan-fiction turned published. I hope those who are loyal to Stephenie (and every other writer who has copyrights to their intellectual property) and those who see an ethical / legal issue with FSoG will spread the word.