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Industry Non-Profit
Occupation Writer
Location Manchester, United Kingdom
Introduction I've taken the plunge and turned writing into my full time occupation. Uselessminx.com this blog contain fragments and moments I feel worth sharing, bits of my writing and writer's tools I've found invaluable. The ketchup in my picture refers to my favourite ketchup I haven't had in seven years because you can't get it in the UK. Or outside of Norway.
Favorite Movies I've seen a lot but can't actually think of any that I liked enough to call "favourite"... I never really considered myself fussy before... Hmm.
Favorite Music Playlists will eventually be put on my site but I can always deeply recommend Collide. It really sounds like paints on a canvass.
Favorite Books See my bookrabbit link to my bookshelf.

The love potion you made tastes terrible. How will you drink it?

I wouldn't. It's for some unsuspecting person who has it in for me. Nothing like the excrutiating pain of love to get revenge. And I would add it to their marmite so that it would mask the flavour. It could be months before they ate it but thats the fun of any roulette.