Vic DeMize

About me

Industry Technology
Occupation Communications installer
Location Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States
Introduction A Middle American with a viewpoint to match. I was an English major in High School, so if you see any errors in grammar and/or spelling, please feel free to eviscerate me publicly in the comments section as I tend to learn best when there are consequences for my errors. I have some background in Psychology, enough so that I've avoided being assassinated thus far, but my true passion is technology. My father was a tech-minded ham radio operator who repaired televisions in our garage for the price of a set of schematics and had taught me Morse code by the time I was two. My greatest sorrow in life is that he did not live to see the dawn of the digital revolution. The notion of being able to archive media in the form of ones and zeros would have intrigued him to no end. And as much as I owe to him my love of technology, I owe equally to my mother for the values and morals she instilled in me from an early age.
Favorite Movies Too many films over too many years and too many genres to EVER have a favorite
Favorite Music Blues