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Introduction Hi and a very warm welcome to my space. My name is Fatima. Here, people recognise me as Schee, an abbreviation of both my maiden and married name. I am an ordinary woman with an ordinary mind and ordinary intellegence, ordinary strengths and ordinary weeknesses. Theres as such nothing distinctive about my personality except for the fact that I love my life the way it is and believe in living every moment of this precious and evanescent today to its fullest. Ive often been called an optimist or a die-hard romantic. But I take it as a blessing that leads me appreciate and value everything around me emotionally; everything means something to me, let it be people, memories, places.. Everything has its unique place in my life. Like that of most of other human beings on this planet, my brain contains countless mini folders. Seasons, people, occasions, songs, experiments, experiences, quotes, recipes..all inspirational thoughts are tucked away in there. All I am trying to figure out these days is how to make best use of this useful chaos. You´ll find delicious recipes on this site, along with other stories of my culinary experiments as well as domestic experiences.