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Gender MALE
Introduction Que mi historia no traiga dolor, que mis manos trabajen la paz, que la reseca muerte no me encuentre vacĂ­o y solo, sin haber hecho lo suficiente. Sera mucho pedir?
Interests Software Development, .NET, Mono, C#, Java, Objective-C, Philosophy, Science Fiction, World Religions, Video Games, Object Relational Mapping, Astronomy, Ethics, Psychology, Paradoxes, Yoga, Cooking, OCL, OpenSource, Linux, Solaris, NHibernate, WebObjects, Windows
Favorite Movies Little Budda, The Green Mile, Star Trek, Star Wars, Matrix, The Lord of the Rings, Bicentennial Man, XMen, Back to the future, Unbreakable, Tron, Deep Impact, The Power of One, Shawshank redemption, V for Vendetta, The Pentagon Wars
Favorite Music Beatles, U2, Arjona, Laura Pausini, Beethoven, Shakira, Julieta Venegas, The Final Countdown, Dido, Maddona, Ray of Light, Avril Lavigne, Miguel Bose, Nada particular, Bon Jovi, It's My Life, Gloria Estefan, No pretendo, Behind blue eyes, Snow on the Sahara, Sarah Brightman, Leave Out All The Rest, Linkin Park
Favorite Books Death March, Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture, Head First Design Patterns, River World, Criptonomicon, Head First Design Patterns, Ringworld, The Ringworld Engineers, The Puppet Masters, Starship Troopers, The Number of the Beast, Methuselah's Children, I Robot, The Devil and Miss Prym, Veronika decides to die, Demian