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Industry Education
Location Malaysia
Introduction NUR'AIN..most of my friends call me asz and aien also. I love my mak and abah. I love my siblings. I am nowhere near perfect. I am vulnerable to believe lies. I am make up excuses for everything. I love to do what I want to do. I'm not a perfect girl but i'm trying the best things in my life. I'm not very pretty but i'm trying to look good for people. I always thinking the best matters for my happiness. I wish I could be everything I wish although I know its impossible to achieve it. I am pretty clumsy and sometimes i have a broken heart. Whatever it is, my friends always behind me. I love all my friends. I wish I will found the right man and finally we will get married. I think blogging is fun to share some stories.Erm..sharing is caring rite..:)
Interests sLeEping..sH0ppiNg ++ wiNd0w sHopPing..;)..EatiNg..tRaVeLLing..++ of c0urse intRst t0 $$..^_^
Favorite Movies eM..preFer to h0rr0r m0vies..sucH extremelY sTr0ng feEling of Fear n sh0ck..haha
Favorite Music s0metimes i luv senTimentAl n Sl0w music..s0meTimes i luv hEavy muSic..s0metimes i luv silEnce..ahaks..