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Gender MALE
Industry Automotive
Occupation Manager (retired)
Location Orlando, Florida, United States
Introduction I'm not that interesting. I grew up in South Boston, I found myself on a trip of 25 at age 17. Moved to Florida at 19 and never looked back. My views aren't Liberal Left nor Conservative Right ! I find them all equally despicable ! I believe that the current administration is the most dangerous threat to our freedoms, peace and securities in our lifetime and I can't understand how the people of this Country have not petitioned for impeachment ,not only of Bush but of Cheney, Rumsfeld and Rove ! These men in particular are slowly eroding away our our FREEDOM and are a direct threat to the Constitution which has become the only safety net for the continuation of a Middle Class America ! I sincerely believe that 9-11 would not have occurred had we not let Bush maneuver the coup d'etat which firmly attached him as Dictator of the United (once) States of America !Sept. 11 has become nothing more than a great Photo-op for Bush and a platform from which to launch emotional ,diversionary atacks on any country that holds oil interests that Bush wants to control !
Interests Music, Movies, Books, but mostly Preserving the way of life this Country held dear 50 years ago, when ANY Man or Woman had a good shot at joining Middle Class America and enjoying the benefits of honesty and hard work !
Favorite Movies The movie " V " which demonstrates a highly possible(probable) view of what is to come if we continue to allow OUR Country to be run by Extreme Far Right Christians who are only representative of the desires of the Richest 2 % of our population ! 1 Good Flick! Night of the Living Dead, Basketball Diaries, Midnight Cowboy, Panic in Needle Park, The Blackboard Jungle, Pulp Fiction, Apocolypse Now, The Godfather, The Matrix, any Gangster Movie( waddya want- I'm Sicilian descent), Horror movies from Night of the Living Dead to Now.
Favorite Music Folk, Punk Rockabilly, Metal Blues, Punk, Classic Rock, Alternative Rock, Industrial Rock, Tejano, Merengue, plus a bit of almost everything else.It's all good.Especially if I can 'feel'the sound in my heart !
Favorite Books Lord of the Flies, Helter Skelter, Teachings of Don Juan /a Yakki Knowledge, Journey to Ixtlaan by Carlos Castenada, Tales and Poems of Edgar Allan Poe, Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, The Book on Bush, Biography of Neil Young and books composed by lawyers(of all things)about high profile, controversial, bizzarre cases

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