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Industry Real Estate
Occupation REALTOR Salesperson Aloha Coast Realty, LLC
Location Hilo, Hawaii, United States
Introduction I am passionate about so many things that it is very challenging to put it all in a nutshell! I am very pragmatic and even a little cynical, but also very idealistic, most people will rise to their highest and best use if given a chance and the encouragement. I have 3 little angels (yeah, right) the youngest of which is 17, and they amaze me every day with what intelligent, kind, funny people they are becoming in spite of who is raising them. I live on the beautiful lush East Side of the Big Island of Hawaii, and the history is fascinating... the people are so on one of the most remote islands in the world (look at us on the globe...we are WAY out here) teaches some important skills; plan ahead, always have two months supply of food and TP, and don’t "talk stink" about anyone! (Sounds like the golden rule, huh?)The saying is "Big Island, small world" because everyone either already knows everyone else or they soon will, and half of us are related or soon will be! There is a reason we call each other cousin and all the kids refer to the adults as "auntie" or "uncle"!
Interests My Interests? Oh Boy, lets see here…um…People, Books, Technology, Plants, Animals, Food, Different Cultures, Different Countries, The Oceans (how much room do they give me here?) Marine life, All the cool things you can find on the shore, Sea Glass, Hand crafts, My kids, Archeology, history, Cool math tricks (cause I hate math), Flowers, Geology, Volcanoes (cause I live on one), construction, I am impressed by any one that truly knows their job and does it well! And I am fascinated by how things work...its all amazing and I learn something new and interesting everyday!
Favorite Movies I don't watch a lot of movies or TV, but I have to say that one of my all time favorite movies has to be "Princess Bride", all my husband has to do to get me feelin all warm and fuzzy is to reply "As you wish." to me! And interestingly enough my other two favorites are "Rocky Horror picture show" and the movie version of "Heavy Metal", oh yeah...anything with Julie Andrews! (Victor Victoria is a hit) Oh and "Bird Cage" with Robin Williams...or "Mouse Hunt" was great to! Maybe it's just the newer movies I don’t watch?
Favorite Music I like it all! Except for gangster rap and any musician whose "style" incorporates whining! (if you don't like something get up off your bum and do something about it!) I love Jethro Tull, Pink Floyd, Rush, Santana, (yes, I know I am really dating myself) but I also love the 12 girls band, Justin (not Timberlake! Yuck!), Stomp!, Reggae, Indian music, Euro pop, Celtic music, lots of stuff coming from the 80's & early 90's, Techno Punk, Shaggy, Nelly Furtado, Black eyed peas, and one of my classic favorites is Jim Morrison and the Doors, Country music is good to though it tends to whine a bit for me, classical is great, some opera is great but I am not multi lingual so a lot is lost on me, smoky jazz is wonderful...some R & B... basically anything that shows the skills and isn't Angry or to naughty (I'm such a prude!) is great!
Favorite Books Way, way, way, to many to list, anything by Alan Dean Foster or Anne McCaffrey! Piers Anthony is good to, Margeret Weis Brown and Tracey Hickman, Tamora Pierce... Terry Pratchett is a GOD! (Albeit a hairy one) I tend to lean towards Fantasy and Sci fi but I just finished "The Secret Life of Bees" and it was great! And of course I read The Da Vinci code (loved it).

You've successfully slain the dragon! How will you toast your marshmallows?

I wouldn't slay the dragon as I believe they are on the protected species list now. Ya know, unless Sir Dragon has a real sweet tooth we wouldn’t do marshmallows at all, maybe a nice Ahi fish steak and some grilled peppers (or lamb kabobs?) at the beach. I don't know if Sir Dragon would be successful in playing the Ukulele but I bet he could do a mean Hula!