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Occupation Author, Teacher, Naturopath, Wanderer
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Introduction A river symbolizes the flow of time. Everything in nature has its own cycle of transitions, transformations and passageways. It is also symbolic of the many twist and turns we must encounter in life. Like the river we must take time to turn, to pause, alter our course and refresh ourselves. The river also reminds us that we can only go forward. As the saying goes, “You can never step into the same river twice.” Once the river has completed its journey it flows onto the delta which means change. Here the river loses its individuality and becomes part of one great sea. This is when we all re-become the great consciousness of the universe. How we make the journey is more important than the journey Improving and maintaining your health is Pro-Active Anti-Aging! It’s more than a good diet and exercise. Attitude, awareness and acceptance let us navigate the many twists and turns of life with strength, balance, flexibility and peace of mind. Follow Doctor Lynn’s Pro-Active Anti-Aging Tips and make your life a river of flowing consciousness where each new change is met with the best of you!
Interests Yoga, dance, spin, travel, production, art, music, movies