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Gender Male
Industry Religion
Occupation Student
Location Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Introduction Since December 2006, I have been married to my best friend, Kimberly. She is a high school math teacher, and the love of my life. Everyday, I offer thanks because of her. I am currently a Masters of Theology student at the University of Edinburgh. I am studying the Old Testament, with a focus on Jeremiah. Ultimately, I want to teach Bible/Theology in either seminary or small, secular college. I am Reformed in my theology, but opposing views are both intriguing and helpful to me, as iron sharpens iron. I particular enjoy interacting with Early Church Fathers and Catholicism. For 5 years, I was a youth director at Sandhills PCA, a Presbyterian church in Southern Pines, NC. I love academics, but I miss the ministry and people there a lot. My degrees thus far include: MDiv - Reformed Theological Seminary - 2007. MS (Math) - NC State University - 2002. BS (Math) - NC State University - 2001. Want to know more? Email me.
Interests Theology, biblical studies, books, Frisbee, proper football (soccer), food, beer, classic rock, friendships.
Favorite Movies Monty Python and the Holy Grail, The Talented Mr. Ripley, Casting Stones, The Matrix, Ferris Beuller, The Princess Bride, Gattica, Forest Gump.
Favorite Music Rush, Led Zeppelin, the Beatles, Pink Floyd, AC/DC, old Christian Hymns.
Favorite Books The Silmarillion, The Shorter Catechism Explained from Scripture, On Being Catholic, Dune, Ender's Game, NICOT - Ecclesiastes, The Westing Game, Harry Potter.