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Introduction Hi, my name is Reinhold and photography is my hobby. I learned the darkroom techniques in school and after a very long break I installed a small darkroom at home. When I first heard about developing film with coffee I thought something like: oooh, the world is full of crazy people doing crazy things, but to be honest I regarded it as not more than a funny game. The pictures I saw in the web first confirmed that estimation, but some folks got pretty nice results. So I read more about Caffenol and about the happy union of coffee with vitamin-C. The first film I ever developed in Caffenol-C turned out very good, I was infected. With my humble skills of chemistry I instantly brewed a usable soup, a bit "thicker" than a known "standard" recipe. It turned out to be so good that there was no real need for further experiments. At least for the medium fast 100 ASA films. That's not a game, I am not modest this time, that's state of the art! Competing or even beating every available commercial developer. I do neither use expired films nor secret esoteric ingredients, I like honest BW-pictures and I don't like dusty scans ;-) Best regards - Reinhold