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Introduction I recently had to compile a list of phrases to sum up who Patrick Doyle is. Here is the list. Patrick Doyle is... -1. An indefinable entity. -2. Patrick Roan Doyle, son of Brian and Elizabeth Doyle, born in Columbus, Ohio, raised in Dublin, Ohio. -3. The youngest-middle child of 4 siblings. -4. Elyod Kcirtap backwards. -5. The number 7,391,023,618 personified. -6. A big fan of Dylan, Tarkovsky and Mark Twain. -7. a contradiction in terms. -8. Creator of horrendous, ongoing lists. -9. Someone who thinks that Ford Madox Ford is a pretty cool name. -10. Someone whose middle name came from the name of his Grandmother's dog. -11. Quite Irish. -12. Not much of a water-skier. -13. The author of this website. -14. Not above dancing on the grave of a recently deceased arch-nemesis. -15. A Journalism student at Ohio University. -16. Uninspired by the prospects of huge amounts of money. -17. Probably going to fail, but definitely going to succeed. -18. Your worst nightmare and your sweetest dream. -19. An elephant at heart. -20. Hoping you will take the time to read this blog and leave many interesting comments.