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Gender Female
Industry Arts
Occupation Private Voice Instructor
Location Fullerton, Orange County, CA, United States
Introduction A gluten-free foodie enthusiastically eating, laughing, and avoiding prep time.
Interests Gluten-Free, Wine, Gourmet Food, Cooking, Whole Ingredients, Natural Foods, Organic Foods, Fancy Grocery Stores, Farmer's Markets, Cookbooks, Good-Deed-Doers, Charities, Volunteerism, Fundraising, Community Helpers, Books, Books, Books
Favorite Movies Harold and Maud, Love Actually, Benny and Joon, Amelie, Babette's Feast, Ratatouille, Up!, The Remains of the Day, The Producers (the original)
Favorite Music Miles Davis, Diana Krall, Ella Fitzgerald, Honey Honey, The Cure, ABBA, Queen, Amy Winehouse, Billy Holiday, The Pogues, Flogging Molly, most Classical music, and almost anything Irish.
Favorite Books The Hero and the Crown, Pride and Prejudice (with and without zombies, ) most Historical Fiction, Alice and Wonderland (annotated) and much Poetry.