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Gender MALE
Occupation Photographer/Fitness Enthusiast
Location Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States
Introduction My name is Jonny McCann, and I am based in Tulsa, OK. Like most people, I want to be fit, healthy, and most importantly happy. I have found that once you accomplish the first two, the third isn't usually too far behind. I am also a part-time photographer (www.dx3photography.com) in my spare (albeit limited) time. Growing up I was always physically fit, playing rugby, working out, running... I'm not sure what happened, but one day I realized I was miserable. I was overweight, had a terrible diet, did little to no exercise, and had trouble climbing a flight of stairs without being on the verge of passing out. One evening I weighed in at 202.8 lbs @ 5ft7 and that was the final straw. No more junk food, no more soda, no more beer, and no more charitable donations to my gym. I had been a member for nearly a year at $55/month, and had been twice. My Cost per Work-out, or CPWO as I refer to it (will be discussed in a future blog) was close to $300 per workout. How sad is that? Today, my CPWO is $1. So tell me - what's your CPWO?
Interests Fitness, Photography, Toyota FJ40's

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