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Gender Female
Industry Publishing
Occupation Writer
Location Kansas City, Missouri, United States
Introduction Factoids dance circles around me; alas they tell a story that is a short time line of mine. I left the corporate world so long ago that it is suspect for being mentioned, but it gave me a clearer motivation to branch out. I have taught yoga for 20 years, and practicing yoga keeps my heart and head clearer than if I didn't. I love dogs, especially my two beagles. My husband is my best friend even if his 6'7" height is over a foot taller than mine, making kissing a pain in my neck. We love to travel, and wrap trips into our life as often as we can afford. Playing and laughing are priorities, and becoming a necessity in my friendships. I am blessed in so many ways, even though my life has had many hurts and emotional bumps. When I am at my best, I learn from them. When I am not, lately, I write poetry.
Interests Travel, beagles, yoga, music, cooking, writing, inspirational and metaphysical matters
Favorite Movies Amadeus, Fearless, Bullworth, Groundhog Day, Thunderheart, Grand Canyon, Goodwill Hunting, Fisher King, Harold and Maude, Being There
Favorite Music The better question is what I don't care for, since I adore music. My taste changes over time, and I will appreciate a genre that I had previously overlooked. I have yet to fall in love with rap and hip hop and deep country.
Favorite Books Ishmael, Daniel Quinn Illusions, Richard Bach Replay, Ken Grimwood Mission, Patrick Tilley Oversoul 7, Jane Roberts 2150, Thea Alexander Poems by Rumi Anything by Mark Twain

What does life feel life when all the wounds are healed, and all you have to give is everything you have at any given moment?