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Gender MALE
Occupation Jack of all trades
Location Hart Michigan, United States
Introduction I'm a simple guy, living a simple life. And I want to keep it that way. No big government telling me what is good for me or not. Prefer the simple things in life, and taking care of my family. I'm prior Navy, a life long survivalist (I can take care of myself and mine regardless of outside influences), I'm crippled, NOT disabled, by a .12GA shotgun blast to my right shoulder, AND, I'm proud to be one of the III Percent. I don't use an alias because I'm skeered of our government. I have just been known as Xenolith online for a LOOONG time.The PTB already know who I am, so MOLON LABE!~ Steven Vanderhoff
Interests Prepping, gardening, AMERICA!, and other stuff...
Favorite Movies Red Dawn (original and remake), Streets of Fire, All the Lonesome Dove collection
Favorite Music Country, reggae, classic, rock&roll. None of that rap shit. And ALL boy bands suck.
Favorite Books scifi genre, and the "Out of the Ashes" series (which you can't find ANYWHERE anymore!)