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Gender MALE
Industry Communications or Media
Occupation Making Copies
Location Nazareth, PA, United States
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Introduction I was born in a little town in NJ and now I'm living in a small town in PA.. sort of in the country (far enough away from any major highways). I was in a band in the late 80s; we weren't on MTV, we didn't sign a record deal, we played 4 shows, I played the keyboard & some guitar and once got on stage and performed a Village People song with the infamous TRAP DOOR. I've been working in the same printshop for the last 22 years (yes, I live an adventurous life). Now I fill my leisure time by doing activities with my son, my wife, friends, and various family members (in good standing)... the remaining time is spent blogging, reading & talking to the cat. Most adventurous of me are the following: I have been known on occasion leave the house without pants, root for THE EAGLES and THE PHILLIES, eat cold cooked craw daddies, perform karaoke (Timmay does a mean 'mack the knife'), watch every Stephen King movie that comes out (no matter how bad), and if I'm driving and see a squirrel I WILL SPEED UP! They are evil little creatures and are not to be trusted. Remember they love nuts!
Interests My son, my wife (she'd get mad if she wasn't at least second in line), Autographs, the Honeymooners, BB King, U2, Miles Davis and various other objects of affection.
Favorite Movies When Harry Met Sally, Goodfellas, Super Bad, Minority Report, The Godfather Trilogy, Star Wars Trilogy, Lord of the Rings Trilogy, but not the Steve Guttenburg Trilogy.. and hey, whatever happened to Steve Guttenburg?
Favorite Music BB King, Buddy Guy, The Smithereens, Dave Matthews Band, U2, Miles Davis, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Tom Petty, The Beatles, Rolling Stones and many more!
Favorite Books Any Stephen King, Edgar Allan Poe, or Hemingway novel! The older the better. Civil War and Lincoln related books.