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Gender MALE
Industry Engineering
Occupation Thermal Operator
Location Barrhead, Alberta, Canada
Introduction Hey now my name is Chris Lockhart and I am a geek/nerd from a small town in the Province of Alberta, in the great white north nation known as Canada. I love to discuss geeky stuff and share my thoughts and views on life, family and geekery. Thanks for checking out the blog!
Interests I am a geek since birth. I'm a fan of many different areas of geekdom including: Star Trek, Star Wars, Lost, Battlestar Galactica (new version), X-Files, Twilight Zone, Babylon 5, True Blood, Firefly, Lord of the Rings, etc. I grew up reading comic books. My favorite TV series of all time would have to be 'The Shield', and my current favorites are 'Breaking Bad', 'Mad Men', 'Dexter', 'Weeds', 'Rescue Me', 'Damages', 'Fringe', 'Law & Order'.
Favorite Movies Rather than list my favorite movies I've decided to do a list of 'Shockingly Unique Movie Moments': - Darth Vader is Luke Skywalkers father (Star Wars Ep V: The Empire Strikes Back) - Charlton Heston's character discovers the broken "Statue of Liberty" and realizes he is on Earth and not an alien world as he thought (Planet of the Apes, 1968) - The Ark of the Covenant is opened by the Nazi's and heavenly spirits emerge from it only to turn against the Nazi soldiers and kill them all, but Indiana Jones and Marion Ravenwood are spared because they kept their eyes closed and didn't look at the spirits (Raiders Of The Lost Ark, 1981) - After risking life and limb to retrieve the Ark of the Covenant from the Nazi's, the U.S. Army instead of studying the Ark puts it into a wooden crate and takes it to a secret warehouse to be stored with thousands of other crates (Raiders Of The Lost Ark, 1981) - Samuel Jackson's character Elijah is revealed to be the villain to Bruce Willis's hero (Unbreakable, 2000) - Astronaut David Bowman investigates the giant Monolith in orbit of Jupiter and is pulled inside. Traveling through a tunnel of colored light racing at great speed across vast distances of space viewing strange astronomical phenomena, concluding with landscapes with altered colors. He eventually finds himself in a bedroom containing Louis-XVI -style decor. He repeatedly sees older versions of himself, with the film's POV each time switching to the older Dave. Finally an elderly and dying David Bowman is lying on the bed. At its foot a monolith appears. It transforms him into a fetus-like being enclosed in a transparent orb of light (termed the “Star-Child” in the novel by Clarke). The final shot shows the “Star-Child” floating in space next to the Earth. (2001: A Space Odyssey, 1968)
Favorite Music I listen to just about everything. My favorite bands are AC/DC, Aerosmith, The Tragically Hip, The Beatles, Nirvana and Metallica.
Favorite Books (Some of my)Favorite Books -"Angels and Demons" by Dan Brown: Easily the best book I have ever read. I couldn't put it down on the last 200 pages, I read for almost 6 hours straight, which is a world record for me! "Heir To The Empire" by Timothy Zahn. I am a Star Wars nerd and this was the first book that continued the adventures of Luke Skywalker and company. It is an awesome book and changed Star Wars forever. Zahn also created the best book villian I have ever read, Grand Admiral Thrawn, who was the only alien ever to have served the Emperor and the Galactic Empire. He had blue skin and glowing red eyes...really cool character. "What Savage Beast" by Peter David. It is a novel about the comic book character "The Incredible Hulk" and it should have been made into a movie!!! David wrote the comic book for 12 years and made the character and supporting cast awesome and relevant. Awesome book. "Too Fat To Fish" by Artie Lange. Artie is a comedian and part of the 'Howard Stern Show' and this book is his autobiography. It was a great read, he is both funny and a tragic guy, a lot of sadness in the book to plus a lot of laughs. "3001: A Space Odyssey" by Arthur C.Clarke. The final and most interesting chapter of the 'Odyssey' books. - "Conquerors' Trilogy" by Timothy Zahn. This is actually 3 books but they must be read together, they are almost like 1 book divided into 3 separate parts. In a space opera setting, a botched first contact leads to an interstellar war between humanity (nicknamed by the aliens The Human-Conquerors) and an alien race, the Zhirrzh (nicknamed by humans The Conquerors). In the background, other alien races try to take advantage of the conflict between the two powers. (Novels: 'Conquerors' Pride', 'Conquerors' Heritage' and 'Conquerors' Legacy').

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