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Introduction I am a single mom trying to take care of my son Zachary. He has Autism, Pain disorder, mitochondrail disorder, cyclic vomiting syndrom, photopobia, phonophobia, complex regional pain syndrom type II and he's had rabdomyalosis twice ( meaning it could happen again.) This wesite is put together by Zachary's mom. I don't know anything medical. I was inspired to start this page by the Kevin Bacon six degrees of charity campaign. I had a brother with autism and as we find out more about Zachary we find out more about Graham. Graham died when he was 15 years old. Zachary just turned 13. I named this webpage Zachary Wins Again because it's our future. I am positive about it. I hope you will donate to help the MAGIK clinc at Children's hosptial. They help children deal with pain.. I can only share with you my story and how Dr. Joseph and Dr. Gold at the MAGIK clinic, let Zachary enjoy life. You can watch 20 seconds of pain on Jippyjabber You Tube Channel to see some idea of how this would begin. Thank you for donations!