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Industry Fashion
Location Huntsville, Alabama, United States
Introduction I am a 20 something Gal working in Sales. This blog is for my fashion, food and fun adventures with my friends.
Interests alan rickman, alec mapa, anime, art, betsey johnson, big bang theory, boots, boys in glasses, candy, cats, chris pine, cocktails, coffee, cons, cooking, cosmetology, cosplay, costumes, crafts, cupcakes, cute stuff, david bowie, deco, dell mini, doctor who, doing hair, drag queens, eating, edgar allan poe, fake lashes, fanfiction, fashion, frank sinatra, gal, gays, geeky guys, geeky things, gettin my nails did, glen miller, glitter, glow sticks, gravitation, gyaru, hair, hangin with my gurrrrrrrrrlllllsssss, hardcandyhouse, iggy pop, j-pop, j-rock, jdramas, jim kirk, john cho, karl urban, kathy griffin, kirk/mccoy, leonard mccoy, margaret cho, music, nyx, pavel chekov, peachsoda, pinups, pixies, plushies, pretty boys, queen, rambling, ranting, raving, ron/draco, scifi, sewing, sherlock holmes, shoes, slash, star trek, strawberry pocky, style, sweets, talking, torchwood, u-turns, vulcans, white collar, writing, yaoi, yummy things, zachary quinto, zombies