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Introduction In an age of instant gratification, the power of the internet and technological leverage, I like to step back and remember what life is all about. I attend the Sauder School of Business at UBC in Vancouver. University is a fantastic tool for broadening the mind. However I'm finding that as things like managerial economics are furthering my ability to find a job eventually, I'm not becoming a wiser well-rounded person as a result. Thus, I'm trying to get a more well-rounded education myself by reading all the classic literature I can get my hands on. Despite being at a university level, I admit that my initial knowledge of great literature and thinkers was almost non-existent. That's not enough to stop me though. I'm somebody who loves to think and be challenged. I'm also somebody who enjoys life. I like Aristotle's philosophy that the nature of existence is inherently good and pleasant. To exist we must think or perceive. Therefore thinking or perceiving is good and pleasant by nature. Besides, hearing an 18-year old effortlessly recite quotes from Aristotle is impressive, no?