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Location midwest
Introduction In 2008 I married the man of my dreams (referred to here as MBL-My Big Love). We decided to start trying for a family immediately, I was 23 (now 27) and MBL was 31 (now 35). We both believed that we'd end 2009 with a year of marriage under our belts and a baby in our arms. Well, our journey was not meant to be a short one. In July 2009 we were diagnosed with male factor infertility and began fertility treatments. We did three IUIs w/clomid and one IVF cycle in 2009, all were BFN. In 2010, we did 2 IUIs w/clomid (the second resulted in a chemical pregnancy) and one round of IVF. We got lucky and IVF #2 gave us our BFP!!! We welcomed our daughter into our family on May 25, 2011. We always loved the name June and while we were waiting for our miracle to arrive we felt like we were "believing in june", as in believing that some day we would be blessed with a miracle. Piper June is definitely that for us! We went through treatments for #2 in 2012 (2 IUIs and an IVF) only to end up pregnant on our own! Baby #2 is due to arrive in May 2013.
Interests MBL, running, eating mexican food, reading, watching movies, being outside
Favorite Movies when harry met sally, amelie, love actually, julie and julia