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Gender Male
Industry Arts
Occupation Consultant/Teacher/Activist
Location Mequon, WI, United States
Introduction During Bush's inaugural address, I had an epiphany. As I listened to him list all the money he intended to give to every program under the sun, it occurred to me that he was promising an awful lot of my money... I replayed the tape and added it up. It was clear he had no intent to do this as there wasn't that kind of money available... but it did placate each of the organizations as they were mentioned. The Neoconservative agenda was revealed- and I felt betrayed. I vowed to renew my duty as a citizen in a democracy and participate in the political process. I dedicated myself to understanding history and politics... but not the manufactured consent of mainstream, I dug deeper looking for independent media outlets and authors. I learned to connect the dots. Eventually I collected a series of movies that really helped to cut the chase. Now others can spend a fraction of the time building a fresh perspective. Who knows, maybe together we can spark true meaningful discourse.
Interests In the toolbox of life, what could possibly be more handy than duct tape? When your motorcycle has a zen-ful moment the art of finagling her back depends on cinching something down— duct-tape is handy— but even better is a WINGNUT ! Small, versatile and best of all—it requires no tools! So what kind of person would you want to help tighten up your perception of this modern landscape? Who better than the handiest tool in the toolbox. Wingnut Prophets are the folks you know who've taken time outside the generally accepted rules to view the bigger picture. Its very easy to let life's rich pageant keep you focused on the beauty queens while missing the whole contest! Wingnuts are often mistaken for the oddballs... they are considered by some, the fringe or radicals in life's toolbox. Primarily in the west... where people have access to cheap ratchet sets and imported hardware. Where a loose part is fixed by simply putting the item on the curb for trash collection and purchasing a new one. But to the rest of the world... where less really is more... where simplicity masks a beautiful complexity... a wingnut is a cherished item! So too are the prophets, the outsiders who speak to our need for spirituality and engagement with all whats around us... and at the same time—not. This blog is either the rantings of a loose cannon, or the canon for a loose time! Enjoy.
Favorite Movies The Future of Food, Manufacturing Consent, Orwell Rolls in his Grave, The Corporation, Why We Fight, Iraq for Sale, Beyond Treason, Weapons of Mass Distraction, i the movie, Baraka
Favorite Music Listen to Immortal Technique, Else... Willie Porter, Paul Cebar, John Hiatt, Lyle Lovett, Anushka Shankar, Peter Gabriel, Hafiz, Big Audio Dynamite, Clash, The Replacements, Flaming Lips, TenaciousD, Nick Cage, Tupac, NWA, ChemicalBros, Screaming Trees...
Favorite Books Peoples History of the United States-Howard Zinn, Static-Amy Goodman, Collapse-Jared Alexander, Perfectly Legal-David Clay Johnson, Dont' Think of an Elephant-George Lakoff, Return of Quetzcoatl- Daniel Pinchbeck, The PopulVul-mayan council book, and Naomi Klein's Shock Doctrine...